Thank you to everyone who moved mountains to attend our teachmeet on the last day of an 8 week term – you are all super-human!

It was a remarkable evening that challenged people to think and question the term ‘effective teaching.’

Thank you to the keynote speakers David and Mark and to all the remarkable people who gave up their time to run amazing workshops!

Looking forward to the next one!



#TMNSL THURSDAY 23RD OCTOBER 2014. Register from 16:45.

#TMNSL October 2013 | Bristol

#TMNSL October 2013 | Bristol

October 23rd 2014 Teach-meet Schedule:

17:15 – 17:55 – Registration | Goody bags | Food | Networking

17:55 – Introduction: @mrocallaghanedu

18:00 – 18:35 –  Keynote: @learningspy

18: 45 – 19:35 – Workshops

19:35 – 19:45 – Break | Networking

19:45 – 19:50 – Raffle prizes

19:50 – 20:10 – 3 minute ‘Quick win’ presentations from teachers

20:10 – 20:30 – Plenary: @ictevangelist


Keynote speaker: David Didau | @learningspy

Award winning educational blogger. Author. Provocateur. Speaker.

After 15 years as a teacher, in which he led two English departments and was an Assistant Head, David is now a freelance trainer, education consultant, conference speaker, provocateur and writer. He writes the blog The Learning Spy and is also the author of the best-selling, The Perfect English Lesson and The Secret of Literacy.

“David Didau`s book is everything a book about the work of teaching should be: clear-eyed, lively, wise, and funny. Written by a front-line practitioner of the craft.”

Doug Lemov, Managing Director, Teach Like a Champion Team

Plenary: Mark Anderson | @ictevangelist

An assistant head teacher responsible for e-learning, award winning blogger and Apple Distinguished Educator, Mark’s philosophy is that learning technologies are a means by which learning can be enhanced for all, regardless of the classroom, the teacher and the learner. But you do need to do it right.

Through his online presence, his public appearances and his book, Perfect ICT Every Lesson, Mark has a growing reputation for being the man you most need to work with when it comes to ensuring the money and effort you put into your technology project actually make a difference to the learning.

Host: Stephen O’Callaghan@mrocallaghanedu

Web: neverstoplearninghub.com

Twitter: @nslhub

Queries: neverstoplearninghub@gmail.com

#TMNSL March 2014.

For those that attended, presented, connected and explored, thank you for taking the time to make a difference.

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Keep checking here for details of the next #TMNSL




#TMNSL – 20th March 2014.

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